Is Your Life Actually an Escape Room?

Is Your Life Actually an Escape Room?

How strange life is. The timing of things. The ‘randomness’ of events. The events that become defining moments in our lives. And the moments that can change our lives and the lives of others.

Escape Rooms have been around for over a decade. Anyone that has participated in one knows how exciting and fun they can be. For those that have no idea what I am talking about, here’s a quick run-down.

First, you pay the price for the privilege of being locked in a room – you’re not really locked in and always have the choice to come out at any time. There is a time frame, usually about 1.5hrs to solve the mystery and obtain the code that opens the door.

There is no win or lose as such, regardless of whether you solve all the clues or not, you come out of the room and get to go home. The game ends one of two ways. You either get out or you run out of time and are let out.

Hidden within the room are obstacles, riddles, and clues as to how you can ‘escape’ from the room. Some items mean nothing and are simply designed as a diversion. Others are crucial to finding the code that opens the door.

Escape rooms are designed as a group activity, at least two people. The more people engage the more fun it can be. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

So, here’s my question. Is life just another version of an escape room?

We enter our life for a defined period of time. Our time is up when our game is finished. It doesn’t matter how much those we are playing with want us to stay playing longer.

The aim of our life is to experience and figure out as much as possible. The objective being, to get the most out of the time we have here.

It’s up to us whether we choose to participate or not. It’s up to us whether we play nicely with others or are mean or just sit in the corner sulking. It’s up to us whether we enjoy our time remaining optimistic about finding the best clues or whether we become resentful and angry because it’s hard.

Either way, the timer still ticks at the same speed.

During life, we get multiple challenges and opportunities to figure stuff out. Sometimes they take a long time, and often we never really know what the point of that prop was… at least until our life is over.

Sometimes we do figure stuff out and we move on to the next clue or chapter taking that knowledge with us. We can be as inquisitive as we like and ask lots of questions, or we can just follow someone else’s lead and play by default. It’s always more fun to get involved though.

When we do find something that might be meaningful, we need to examine it thoroughly. Look at it from all angles, under it, and on top of it. If it opens, we need to look inside too. If we find something worthwhile, we need to take time to really get to know it.

We can work together if we choose to, which usually gives us a better chance at success. Life is always more fun when we get to share our experiences with others. It’s a lot more fulfilling and stimulating when we hang out with others that also share our values and are curious or adventurous, enjoying the game as well.

We thrive when we achieve. If a clue is solved no matter how hard it was, we are energised and stronger for having worked through it and usually ready for the next one.

In life nothing is random. Each challenge, puzzle and obstacle are strategically and intentionally placed where they are found, just like an escape room.

The longer we are in our life, the less time we have left. In order to get the most out of it, we need to keep track of solved puzzles and hang on to valuable pieces of wisdom and clues. These give us direction and avoid us making the same mistakes over again.

It’s more enjoyable when we stay positive and have a purpose, rather than blaming and complaining when we can’t find the answer, or the game is too hard. We get free choice when we first begin the game.

However we respond, the clock ticks. Tick tock, tick tock.

Finally, when our time is up, we get to go home.

Some people choose to stay home, grateful for having had the experience. They are content to share with others.

Some people love the adventure and want more, choosing to go into another escape room or another life to see if they can figure out the puzzles in that one too. They usually choose a room they have not participated in before as it will be a new experience and they will learn lots of new things.

Sometimes they will play with the same people they have played with previously. These are often those they are closest to or have the strongest connections. Other times they will play with a different circle of friends, bringing only one or none in from a previous game.

Ben – 2005

I wonder how we would play our life if we knew for sure it was simply just a game.

“One day Ben, me, and a few others went to the park. We were playing a game where we would swing super high on the swing and see who could launch themselves the furthest. One of the guys had the record and Ben was really determined to win so he swung so high and when he let go to launch himself, he got his arm caught on the swing and came back down straight on his face. He wasn’t hurt, and he was tough and shook it off. I will always remember that as we all laughed. I miss his goofyness.” – NL

Much love

Dalya xx 💙

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