Perspective from the Moon

Perspective from the Moon

Every day we make decisions in our lives for ourselves and sometimes for others and many of these decisions are made never really knowing what the bigger picture is. It is not always easy to ‘zoom out’ and see more than what we currently have in our focus. I heard the phrase once “we don’t know what we don’t know”. Sometimes being positive about life and our circumstances feels impossible. Things happen and we are given that 10% of life I have spoken about before and left with the 90% of having to work out how to deal with it, how to react to it and what is going to cause the least collateral damage in the future to us and those around us. It can often feel like trying to piece a jigsaw together without ever having seen the picture on the box.

I don’t believe in random or coincidences and have always believed that we are a tiny part of a huge vision, a huge puzzle. When I think about what astronauts see looking down on earth it is very different to what I see looking around my room. Is it all about our perspective from our current position? I was told once a good fiction author will be very deliberate about the content they include in a book. There is never anything in there that is not supposed to be. Is a book like our life? We all have beliefs and values, and these are often challenged through the course of our life journey. Sometimes things seem so out of control we question these beliefs on a deeper level and need to revisit our values to try and re identify what they mean right now and how important they really are to us. We are so focused on the events that challenge us it is easy to lose perspective when it appears the world we live in is falling apart.

‘The ultimate betrayal however is the betrayal of one’s self’.

I spoke with a transplant recipient some time ago and she commented that the mental journey is often much harder than the physical journey. The movie we play in our heads sometimes is so embellished compared to our reality it is almost impossible to see the forest for the trees. It is so easy to be controlled by fear and the ‘what ifs’ and become temporarily paralysed and blinded instead of trusting the universe and the astronauts vision that we cannot currently see.

Some 16 years ago I didn’t see that I would come to rely so heavily on the guidance and spiritual essence of my beautiful baby boy. Ben has never disappointed me and this week he has made his presence known more than usual and even without seeing him, I have been able to feel him and his love. I have pondered the many ‘coincidences’ that have happened and I realised that it all came down to what I really believed and what I trusted was true.

Maybe sometimes we cannot be told the answer, we have to live it out through trial and error. Maybe sometimes we have to trust in the unknown in order to take the path that is best for our spirit and our truer self. And even as we walk that path, with fear and confusion jumping out in front of us challenging us with ‘Is this the right path’ maybe we again have to trust in a bigger invisible picture. Maybe the only question we can ask is will our decision ultimately re connect us to who we really are. Failure is not in falling down, but it is in NOT getting back up. Permission has been granted to sit on the ground for a while.

Much Love Dalya xx💙

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