Your Life Movie Always Attracts The Right Cast

Your Life Movie Always Attracts The Right Cast

I met someone ‘randomly’ once 8,000 km from home. We were both drinking coffee and we struck up a conversation. I remember him asking me what brought me to town and what did I do for a living. I was vague in my answer telling him I was in transit heading home from being away for a while. The truth was I wasn’t sure what I did anymore. I was between jobs and perhaps between lives as I knew them.

Our conversation and his questions prompted me to ask myself these same questions and many more over time. Where was I going and what exactly was I doing? I had no idea. All I knew for sure was that I was on some crazy life journey. I had no clue what the next week or next month or year would bring, but whatever it was, I was ready. I had to blindly trust that the Universe knew what it was doing and was following the plan.

As it turned out I happened to be back in the same place, 8,000 km’s from home, a couple of months later and I remembered my meeting with the random happy guy. I walked into the same coffee shop for the second time and saw him sitting with his head buried in his laptop. I knew in that moment that meeting some people is not random and happens for a reason, but why? If you asked me today, I can’t tell you why we met. Perhaps I needed to hear what he had to say … or perhaps it was the other way around.

There is a common belief that when we move on we get to see our life as a movie, the complete picture. It is then are we privy to all the answers and reasons for everything. Some things we will never comprehend in this lifetime. Why did I just have that random conversation with that random person? Why did that thing happen then, that has now changed the future direction of my whole story so far? Why did that strangers smile and cheery ‘You have a great day!’ mean so much to me?

What does all this have to do with anything? What does it all mean?? If you only knew how many times, I have asked myself those question!

What if we all play a role in each others lives. What if it’s true that we choose our parents. What if every single person we encounter in our day is supposed to be there … for a reason, or a season or the whole movie. What if they do enter the scene at precisely the right moment. And what if the people we see but never meet – the ‘movie extras’ wondering around our life, are there because they are playing a significant role in another persons life … and we are actually the movie extra in theirs.

I heard a talk recently and the speakers message reminded me so much of my son Ben.

“… When my mother died there were so many people at her farewell it brought tears to my eyes. Not because she was gone but because she left a legacy of relationships that could never disappear…”

As if I needed any more validation to confirm my knowing that everything happens when and how it is supposed to; I received this line in an email this week…

“Don’t require the Universe to move more rapidly than it is. It is actually working perfectly, and it will prove that to you if you will give it a chance.”

Much Love

Dalya xx💙

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