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& Motivational Speaker

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Inform – Inspire – Educate – Empower

Are you searching for a truly great communicator, who delivers exceptional talks and creates compelling content?

Meet Dalya Shaw.

There are many great speakers and copywriters out there but you want better than just great right?

Excellent communication and superior service is the difference between a good business and an AWESOME business!

It is these qualities that will keep your audience coming back for more. 

Every business has one thing in common – An audience. 

My background is unique and I combine personal experience with practical strategies to leave your audience and readers fully engaged and wanting to take the next step. 

With experience across both spoken and written platforms, I share my knowledge and skills to add value to individuals and businesses through engaging conversations and compelling content.

Everything we do counts… Everything we don’t do also counts.

Are you looking for a passionate speaker with an incredibly real story to captivate your audience? 

Do you have something to say but don’t know how to put it into words?


“You can’t always choose the music life plays, but you CAN choose how you dance to it.”

  • Copywriting

    Compelling and informative content that is interesting and promotes a clear call to action. All original copy that engages the reader right up until the last word.

  • Public Speaking

    Real and raw talks with a story in every presentation. Customised to each audience with an uplifting theme that empowers and motivates encouraging personal growth and positive change.

  • Professional Service

    Not sure what you want? Strategy planning? Sales training? Charity keynote or a conference speaker? Something else? If it involves positive communication in some form – Let’s talk.



Let’s make positive
change Together