Captivating – Inspirational – Empowering

  • Captivating – Inspirational – Empowering

    In a world of so much noise, it is more important than ever to find someone that can easily:

    • ​Engage with your audience
    • Take them on a journey
    • Inspire
    • Invoke emotion
    • Encourage new ideas
    • Empower
    • Promote action and …

    Keep them captivated right up until the last word.

  • Motivational

    Be empowered and embrace positive change, as you see the silver lining on any dark cloud.

  • Building Resilience

    Resilience is built from facing adversity. Strength comes from navigating our way through the challenges, one single step at a time.

  • Pathways & Loss

    There is a suffocating and paralysing feeling that comes with the worst kind of loss – the loss of a child.
    Be inspired and uplifted as we go on a journey of making good come from incomprehensible circumstances.

  • Something else?

    Not too sure what you want or what you need? All talks are customised and tailored exactly to your audience. Let’s figure it out together.

Why Choose dalya shaw? 

I am motivational speaker teaching the power of facing adversity and building resilience. None of us is immune to the challenges life throws at us. We all have our journey and it can often feel like we have no control over our circumstances.

Here’s the thing. 10% of life is what happens to you, 90% is how you react to it and we all know things WILL happen!

I will help you be better equipped to deal with your life’s challenges instead of merely someone who is impacted by them.

We all have control over two things in life. Our thoughts and our actions. The key is to learn how to bounce when others might break. It all comes down to mindset – attitude, choices, and deliberate next steps.

My talks place a big emphasis on Empowerment, Different Thinking, and Making a Difference, in order to achieve extraordinary results.

I am a motivational speaker teaching the importance of  clarity around life and death, and the power that comes with choice and change. I am no stranger to loss and am possibly the only speaker around having those difficult and confronting conversations, openly and honestly. 

I will tell you the Greatest Love Story and walk you through the worst tragedy and I promise to inspire you all the way.

I will prove that whatever you face, ‘YOU’VE GOT THIS!’, and I will show you that you are ALWAYS stronger than you think.

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What others say about me

“Dalya, thank you very much for speaking. The students really enjoyed your presentation and I think hearing from you was very powerful. I will definitely contact you to arrange another presentation.” –

Nick J, Health & Physical Ed, Burpengary State College


Are you ready to take a step forward to a Braver, Stronger, more Empowered you?

Let me show you what’s possible…