Be You – Be Great

Be You – Be Great

Hi All

Have you ever woken up and wondered “How the heck did I get here?” For my younger readers, or the not so young, I mean how did you get where you are in your life, and not how you found yourself on someone else’s couch one morning, although that maybe a valid question as well 😊

Sometimes we wander through life doing what we think we are ‘supposed’ to do only to wake up and wonder how we got where we are. It is so easy to copy everyone else around us and to listen to the majority telling us what we ‘should’ be doing and how we ‘should’ be feeling and to be ‘normal’ instead of following our gut feel. Sometimes we do this for so long we can’t even hear our inner self speaking any more, and we create a habit that has tuned it out completely. If we use the analogy of a radio, we have changed the station. This doesn’t mean that the station is not there anymore, we are just not tuned into it and cannot hear what is ‘playing’ on it.

If we do what everyone else does, we will get what everyone else has.

I was listening to a speaker this week who stressed that we are exactly where we are today as a direct result of the decisions we have made. We all have ‘stuff’ that happens along the journey, and no one is the exception to this. The statement relates to our relationships, our ambitions, our finances, our hopes and dreams, our results and successes. Every part of our life in its current form is a consequence of our actions, reactions and decisions made over time. We are 100% responsible for this. How sobering a thought is that!

We often forget the power of compounding. Einstein called it the ‘8th Wonder of the World’ and as it turns out, everything we do in life, not just our finances, follows the law of compounding. Regardless of whether it is our attitude or decisions made, it will always reflect in a positive curve up or a negative curve down. We could use the formula: Attitude + Action x Time = Result

There once was a man walking down a road when he saw a huge crowd of people running towards him. He watched as the crowd got closer and as other people saw the crowd they also started running with it. It would be very tempting for him to also turn around and run with the crowd but what would his reason be? He would be running with everyone simply because they were all running and not really know why. What if it had started with 2-3 people running and then everyone else joined the group and no one knew why they were all running? Just because the majority is saying or doing something doesn’t mean it’s right.

For some reason we are not always encouraged to do something ‘different’ to the majority. Yet from the time we are born our natural instinct is to do new things. When a baby starts to walk, they fall down (fail) over and over again yet they never give up. The parents never say ‘You know what, it’s risky walking, you might get hurt, you are tired, you have tried this for a while now, maybe it just won’t work for you. It’s safer to stay where you are.” What happens to our attitude as we get older?

We don’t know how to do something until we do it. We just need to have enough courage and belief in ourselves to take the first step and figure it out along the way.

I remember someone very special to me once saying “Sometimes we just need to make a decision. We can always change it, but we just need to decide. If it’s wrong for us then we decide again, what’s the worst that can happen?”

Apparently, life is not race. Isn’t it better to take the long road that eventually gets us to our desired destination and learn a few things along the way, than take the short one(s) that never get us there.

Much Love Dalya xx💙

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