Making the Obstacle the Reason to Achieve

Making the Obstacle the Reason to Achieve

Another Sunday is here, and the world will once again go about their Sunday business. Today I get to watch my son’s U16’s team play in their grand finale. It has been a challenging year for some, and despite having some demons to face, they have put their heart and soul into their game. I like to think they have almost an unfair advantage over the other team with their ‘spirit player’, and if he and the team’s dedication and passion this year have anything to do with it, then they have a huge chance of a win! It has been a brilliant effort to get this far and they should all feel incredibly proud! I certainly do.

I have been able to attend most of their games this year and I am inspired and uplifted watching them work together. At the risk of repeating myself, we can learn so much from our younger generations! Whilst I am no longer privy to the workings of the inner circle, looking in from the outside, this is what I see.

I watch a group of 20 or so young adults from different backgrounds, different upbringings, with different skills, opinions, and ideas, all working together, to achieve a common goal. I see a group of dedicated strong young men deliberately harnessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses and refining this so well, they have made it to the top of their game, or as we know it – their grand finale. I see a dedicated coach who encourages his group, uplifting them and empowering them to be great and to have fun. And I see a beautiful bunch of kids, at a crucial time in their lives, trying to work out where they fit in in the world, passionate about footie and prepared to fight for what they want!

Through all this, they remain fiercely loyal, and have kept their hearts big and their egos soft, as they continue to honour their missing player. This past year has been a challenge for many of us and what these boys have achieved, should be an inspiration to us all! I will not surprise anyone when I say that in our next generation (and in general), the ones that are most likely to succeed (whatever that means to them), are those that have high integrity and good habits, strong values and morals. Those that retain high standards and have an “I will until…” attitude. Those that persist, despite the obstacles and those that make the obstacle the REASON to achieve.

When we are forced to work through a situation and come up with a solution, rather than being handed one, we are given an opportunity to change and grow as people, as impossible as it may seem in the moment. Challenges open our minds to a range of new possibilities and opportunities, IF we are open to them. “We spend so long looking at the door that has closed that we do not see the one that has been opened for us”. Helen Keller. Life can be a balancing act. I read that ‘caution is what causes you to look both ways before crossing the road. Fear is what keeps you frozen on the curb forever.’ It is so easy to get stuck on the curb and despite the road being clear, the obstacles remain only in our minds. Frequently what people see, (social media is a classic example), is not the complete picture. A typical iceberg is about 15% visible with nearly 85% non-visible and under the water level. Above the water line people see ‘Success, Stoicity, Confidence and Bravery’. What most miss is the 85% that shows the ‘Persistence, Dedication, Hard work, Values, Dreams, Discipline, Disappointment and Heartache.’ Sometimes we only ever experience 15% of a person but there is always another 85%. I know Benny will be with his team today as he is with us always, for whoever and whenever he is needed. How great is it to have a gorgeous and powerful spirit we can confide in, be inspired by and turn to, to gain that extra strength needed to continue building that 85%. LET’S GO HORNETS!! WE’VE GOT THIS!! Much

Love Dalya xx💙

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