Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Many years ago, I was involved in a networking marketing company and as part of this I subscribed to an education program. To this day, some of the lessons and messages I learnt have been the most valuable of my life and have gotten me through some of my more challenging moments. This program was my first exposure to what we call ‘personal development’ and whilst it may not be for everyone, for me it was love at first sight. It was something that I knew would stay with me forever and taught me the importance of continual learning for continual personal growth. I am so grateful even when it was ‘unwanted’ I was able to share this with Benny.

As I write this, my mind drifts to my incredible grandmother who went on her next adventure some years ago. When I say grandmother, please don’t picture a frail old lady who rarely left the house, rather picture a tall strong woman with an empowered presence who wore Chanel suits and classy jewellery, lipstick and expensive perfume. A woman that went to museums and art galleries and was still taking university courses well into her 70’s! Picture a head strong and determined woman who built a successful business from the ground up some forty plus years ago when her children had grown up and in what was very much a ‘man’s world’. Perhaps my love of learning and subsequently Ben’s came from her? But I digress…

I remember as part of this education program being told how important it was to forever continue learning. ‘Leaders are readers’, ‘Develop a success mindset’ and ‘Who you associate with will determine who you become’. One could be forgiven for scoffing at this and calling it ‘brainwashing’, however I experienced first hand the truths these cliché phrases hold. And by the way, I am also a huge advocate of ‘brainwashing’ if it is in a positive way and makes you a better person.

I came across a talk recently, recorded at a high school graduation some years ago. The speaker highlighted a couple of crucial questions that perhaps we need to answer to truly have the life we want. The first was Who Am I? and the second was What Is My Purpose? It’s amazing how these questions can come up at various times in our lives and how depending on our circumstances, the answers to the second question may vary. I don’t believe in ‘random’ (yes Ben, or coincidences 😊) but I wonder if there is a reason these sometimes take a lifetime to answer.

I wonder if Who Am I is easier to answer than What is My Purpose, but I will not begin to insult the concept by trying to go there in a few lines here today. Perhaps we can unpack that more in one of my bonus blogs? My aim today however IS to give you something to think about. Who Am I does not mean what role do I play. Sure, I am a mother, I am an author, a mentor, a speaker but that is just what I do not Who I really Am. I believe this question can only be answered at the very core of our being, the soul level if you like.

I use the analogy of the onion (a sweet smelling one), having lots of layers. The outer layers are how people see us. Perhaps what we do for work, our appearance and our public personality. The middle layer is then perhaps where the mask comes off and we show a deeper side of ourselves to partners and possibly close family. The inner layer is mostly known only to us. A place we store our feelings and emotions, desires and disappointments, wishes and loves. I guess this could be called the bottom of our heart. And finally, we have the Core or the Centre. I believe this is a space where not everyone accesses. A space where we can sometimes get glimpses of but only those that have mastered this are able to tap into at will. I believe this ‘core’ has a direct connection to the sub conscious. A space where our soul resides. I also believe this may be the first full experience we have when we cease our physical life on earth. A clear view into a completely open window into this space.

Regardless of what you believe, and rest assured I am FAR from what people call religious, surely if we are able to better understand Who Am I we can potentially directly and deliberately influence what happens in our physical life?

One example of the answer to Who Am I and the one that stayed with me was this “I am an extension of all that is. I am an immortal soul having a physical experience”.

Maybe this is why it is so clear when I picture Ben now, he is always smiling and so at peace. And how grateful am I that we can always tap into something higher than our physical selves… but only if we believe we can.

Much Love

Dalya xx 💙

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