An attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of Gratitude

Another week has gone by and it’s that time to take stock (for me). What did I learn? What did I achieve? What did I want to accomplish and did I? What’s on for the next week? Am I ready? Ben have we got this?? If it sounds like I plan every second of my life, I can assure you I don’t, but lately I am very aware of how I spend my time and if I am achieving steps to what is most important to me all whilst checking in to make sure I haven’t lost my marbles (along with my shopping trolley and my car in the carpark). Ah yes, it’s been an interesting few weeks 😊

So today I feel it only fitting that I start this week’s post with what some might call ‘an attitude of gratitude’. I have been very blessed in my life to have crossed paths and to have been closely connected with some truly wonderful people, adults and incredible kids alike. Whilst some I don’t see often, it doesn’t change my appreciation of them and I feel so good when I think that I have come to know them at all. Thank you to all that read my posts and share your time with me each Sunday, I hope I continue to be a positive and uplifting moment in your week and more importantly you can share those moments with others.

Thank you to those that stay in touch and to those that keep us in your thoughts, I am so grateful for the energy you send. My biggest thanks today though goes to those that keep Ben front of mind and continue to speak about him and for the energy that creates. Thank you to those that have done even small things in his name and those that are with me, continuing to keep his name alive and create a legacy in his honour. THIS means the world to me!

I have continued to go to most of Bens football games and I look forward to spending a minute here and a minute there with some of the young people hearing about their week and what they are up to. Recently I watched a game and had the opportunity to chat with some parents and friends afterwards and I want to share a story that put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. The Ben Shaw Shield is a club initiative that will be awarded to one player every year from this year onwards. The shield currently hangs on the wall in the club next to Ben’s football photo. During a conversation, I was told of the many people that go past there and take a moment to kiss Ben goodbye on their way out. I was surprised to hear that it is both adults and kids and I was lost for words at how many speak to him as they walk out the door. (I had thought it was only me!).

To say I was humbled is an understatement and overwhelmingly proud of my son just doesn’t cut it. It was a reminder at just the right time that my beautiful boy continues to be loved and thought of by so many and his mark is imprinted deep in the hearts of a whole community. I have made no secret of the fact that my mission is to keep Bens name alive and to make sure change happens in his name. Despite this not happening according to MY timeline, it has not made me any less passionate and I guess hearing this story reminded me to keep my ‘WHY’ as my focus. I read once that once we work out what’s most important to us ie. our WHY, the When and How will fall into place. Anyone that has ever worked towards a long-term goal would know that it’s only too late when you let your mind go negative and you start to believe it’s too late. People often see their future based on experiences and memories of the past. But a beautiful friend of mine told me years ago that we always have the option to Ctrl Alt Del our day, our week or our month and start a whole new page. Not everyone will always understand or support your goals and many will think you are crazy or over ambitious or ‘kidding yourself’, but Ben and I agreed on a quote from someone who knows all about working hard towards a goal: “before you get offended by what someone says to you, look at the person who is saying it”.

Much Love Dalya xx💙

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