I wrote in an email earlier this week: “I have learnt many things this past year including that time goes fast … except when it goes really slowly”. After I typed the words, I paused and started to delete them as I was not sure I believed this any more.

Not so long ago I was reading a book that described a theory about time, life and death. It suggested that time does not exist and therefore time cannot go fast or slow. It described how we continuously cycle through time, time does not pass us. It used the analogy of us moving through long corridors looking at walls filled with images and pictures, a comprehensive mural if you like, continuously deciding what to look at. If this is how we create our reality then we need to be deliberate about the pictures we look at… and don’t look at.

It suggested that as we live each lifetime, we continually move through our time tunnel but each time looking at different images therefore experiencing different events (or lives). Sometimes we look at a picture (or meet a person) and it seems familiar, or we feel like we have seen the picture or met the person before – déjà vu. We have!

When we move from this lifetime to another we get to review our life movie, with the explanations or sub titles to go with it not just the pictures. Our ‘life’ as we have experienced it, is fully explained and we can see things from a very ‘zoomed out’ position. It is only then that we fully understand why certain events happened and what the bigger purpose was, something that is invariably impossible to see in the moment.

So, if there is only ‘now’ then perhaps we would be better to focus on the present instead of the past or what may or may not happen in the future? We should surely be more interested in how we act today, how we look after our environment, and each other today, if there is only now? Many of us are deliberate about choosing to look at the positive pictures over the negative ones and I believe this serves us well. They are both there on the walls to see, and ultimately we have the choice as to what we look at. The phrase “praise don’t perfect” comes to mind.

So, what about changing the world? If we all have corridors of pictures and we all get to choose what we look at (choose our actions), then we create the next set of images we see as we move through the passage. It is said that creation is made up of 3 components – thought, word and deed so essentially, we can create our ‘now’ by mastering those three elements.

I realise as I write this, that today’s blog may go over a lot of heads (including my own), and perhaps I should re think posting it, but my point is this. Every now and then we cross paths with someone that makes a profound difference in how we continue to live our lives from that moment on. It might be through something they say, do or just how they make us feel, (word, deed, thought). Sometimes we get to experience one of the most powerful emotions known to humans – unconditional love. For many of us, we wait a lifetime to experience this with a partner. For some lucky ones we get to experience that when we are young, perhaps through a friend or a ‘brother’ and we are forever changed as a result. These are the people who we miss incomprehensibly when they move on.

Much love Dalya xx💙

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