The Power of a January Reflection

The Power of a January Reflection

It’s been a huge start to the year for many of us and it’s hard to believe the first month has slipped by already. Some of us are feeling refreshed after a break and mentally strong on a steady path to what we decided was to be our mission, our goals and our resolutions for 2019. For those that fell off the wagon already, permission to Ctr-Alt-Del now. You can start again today on February 3rd 😊

January being the first month of a new year often proves to be a powerful month for many. It can be an exciting time, with plans being formulated for the months to come. It can be emotional with important life changing decisions being made. The more I read and the more I listen to people, January seems to be a month for growth and perspective, assessing and evaluating and also a month for change. I have decided that I really like January!!

For me, it was a month of incredible gratitude. I have already been able to experience so many wonderful moments to kick start a new year.

Many of you will have seen a picture of a beautiful baby girl who was born in January and named Binah after our gorgeous boy Ben. My heart is bursting with pride and love just typing this. This baby girl is my second cousin and I smile as I remember ‘shooting hoops’ with her dad when he was just a kid himself. Amazing how time goes by and it’s crazy now to see him as a wonderful husband and the doting dad of four beautiful girls.

I read an article once about a woman who attended a wedding and was reminded of the story this week. She had lost her son some time before and found herself filled with mixed and powerful emotions. Part of her naturally mourned the wedding that would never be but another part of her was filled with love and joy for the newly wedded couple.

The article illustrated how every person goes through pain and every person has times of joy. Sometimes we are challenged to experience both at the same time. It would seem that two strong emotions can coexist and can sometimes even stem from the same source. Who knew! And how relieved am I to know that that’s okay! Perhaps I’m not as crazy as I thought I was … 😊

In this story and like so many others, this mother experienced both the pain of love and also the joy of love at the same time.

So as January has come to a close and we launch into February, I am grateful for everything in my life. I am grateful for all the wonderful people that are there regardless of whether I am happy or sad and regardless of how many emotions I feel all in the one minute. Many of you are as nuts as I am! I am grateful for my extended family, and all Ben’s friends who I adore and still remain in touch with. I am grateful for my beautiful guardian angel who is a constant source of guidance and wisdom.

I am grateful for the places I have been and the opportunities I have been presented with. I am grateful for all the tears I have shed, both the happy and the sad as I now know these tears are part of who I am. And I am grateful for every single experience I have had in my life up to now. I know each one of these has made me into the person I am today.

In February and in the year ahead, I embrace whatever comes my way, these occurrences will ultimately make me stronger and I know they will never be random.

So as the week begins, I am reminded that we get out of life what we put into it. And what we appreciate and take away from each moment will ultimately result in who we will become.

Much Love

Dalya xx💙

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