Departures and Arrivals

Departures and Arrivals

I was going through an airport recently and as I headed for Departures, I thought about the difference between the Departures area and the Arrivals area. You may first ask ‘Uh, why?’ or perhaps you are thinking ‘well that’s pretty obvious!’ and from one perspective it is. At the simplest level, in one area you are leaving and the other you are arriving, but as my mind worked on this, I decided there is so much more to it than just that.

Since the definition of departing means the act of leaving, this could mean physically or mentally, temporarily or permanently, emotionally or dispassionately. With this, I decided to visit with Isaac Newton for a while.

Newtons First Law states that ‘objects will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external force’. For me this proves that everything happens for a purpose, and there is nothing that happens randomly. It also highlights that for us to have something different in our lives, or for our lives to go in a different direction, it will take an external force. Perhaps this is an event that happens or a conscious decision that improvement is required. Either way, something ‘out of the ordinary’ must happen for us, or our object, to become in motion.

I was talking to someone recently about how the universe has a habit of making decisions for us at times. It’s like we are given hints and nudges along the way and if we continue to do nothing, the Universe steps in. Even our indecision’s are still decisions.

Newtons Third Law states that every action has an equal or opposite reaction, so if we go back to our original scenario then with every departure comes an arrival.

I thought about the reasons that people do what they do, and why things happen, and this puts a whole different spin on the arrivals and departures areas. Not everyone going through Departures is going on a holiday and not everyone in Arrivals is coming home.

The head-space in these two areas is also completely different and unfortunately so many of us never decide to ‘depart’ or to do something different. Most of the time this can be put down to fear. Fear of the unknown or fear of failure or simply the fear of change. We can easily view never ‘departing’ or ‘remaining at rest’ as some sort of risk management strategy that will protect us, but at some point an external force will always ensure change whether we like it or not.

We never really know how things are going to turn out, but to not depart from our normal and arrive in a new space, ensures that we will continue to live our lives, at least for now, by default or on auto pilot. How is this beneficial for our personal growth? Or our life experiences? I am not suggesting that to ‘cruise’ for a while is not a good thing, but are we cruising at a high altitude or just above ground level? there’s a huge difference!

I recently took a sabbatical from my life and despite not really believing in this concept as I boarded the plane in Departures and feeling even more unsure as I landed in Arrivals, it turned out to be the best ‘force’ that could have happened.

We rarely see the reasons things are happening in the moment and it takes a huge amount of trust or faith or just being ‘out of our minds’ to remember that nothing stays the same forever and to believe that everything has a habit of working itself out one way or another.

I have no idea why we lose those that are so precious to us and so loved, but I suppose that I am just not understanding Newton’s Third Law. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don’t now what the bigger picture is yet but as the time goes by and the ‘force’ of September 2017 continues to unfold, I know things will eventually become clearer.

For now, though, I know that my Ben would be departing and arriving and continually improving himself and encouraging others to do the same, to change and to grow and for this I feel incredibly proud.

Have a great week!

Much Love Dalya xx💙

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