And So Mother and Son Focussed on Their Next Adventure…

And So Mother and Son Focussed on Their Next Adventure…

For those of you who have heard of Marie Kondo, you may also be familiar with her KonMari tidying method.

It is built on the philosophy of not getting rid of stuff, but choosing to keep the things that bring you joy. This means making a conscious choice of keeping what speaks to you and perhaps what fills your heart and your cup.

When you start incorporating this philosophy into all areas of your life, you find yourself surrounded by the people and things you love the most.

Take this into your professional life and you truly feel like you are living and working with purpose. You get up in the morning looking forward to each day and whatever it will bring. And you better navigate the challenges. Somehow it feels like your life is more in balance.

One month shy of 6 years ago, I started writing these Sunday posts. I have only taken a couple of breaks and never more than about two weeks. My recent break has been the longest and perhaps the most enlightening.

Nothing lasts (or should last) forever.
Certainly not tasks that were once labour of love but have run their course.

– Dr (and Uncle) B Schwartz

My first ever post on social media was one of gratitude, thanking everyone who had contacted me after I lost Ben. It’s hard to believe the journey I have been on since then, and the trajectory Ben’s life and death set me on.

Today, I want to finish this post also with gratitude. I want to thank you all for your messages and comments over the years and for taking the time to read my ramblings. Thank you for considering a different perspective and for being open to different ideas – Ben and my ideas. I hope that together we were able to bring you joy and that you were able to pay this forward.

Writing these posts was once a labour of love and I believe now the regularity has run its course.

I am not gone, just stepping back to make room for other opportunities. Writing is, and always will be, a part of me and it has gotten me through some of my darkest moments – and always brings me joy.

So for now, until we meet again and our paths cross, I bow my head in thanks to you the reader, and with deep gratitude for what has been … and what is yet to come…

Much love
Dalya & Ben xx 💙


  1. Annie Love says:

    Six years! What an incredible accomplishment. Your words will be missed, but thank you for sharing them and sharing Ben’s legacy with the world for as long as you have. I’ve no doubt he’s so proud of you. Love you friend ❤️

  2. Sharon Hightower says:

    Bless you Dalya for sharing yourself and Ben with us. You have been thought provoking , soul searching and lifting of heart. Forever grateful

  3. Elana soroka says:

    Thank you Dalya for your wise and sensitive insights!
    Also that Dr. B Schwartz sure sounds like he knows his stuff too 🙂

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