Globe Group

The Brief

Globe Group is a large recruitment company specialising in labour hire and based in Brisbane, Queensland.

As a result of an internal staff restructure and changes in specific roles due to Covid, the ‘News’ section on their website had not been updated in some time. No new articles had been created and the company wanted to return to place of proactivity.

They needed some fresh and engaging content, that was relevant to ongoing changes in the industry.

The goal was to maintain their competitive edge and re connect with regular readers as well as to encourage new visitors to their site.

The Project

An initial single article was written highlighting one of the major challenges faced by the recruitment industry in the Covid era.

The article was structured into bite-sized ‘chunks’ of text ensuring it was easy to read. Short paragraphs were created in a conversational tone including interesting facts and information with a view to keep readers engaged.

A clear call to action was included at the end reinforcing why Globe Group was the best fit for employers and businesses looking for quality staff in the construction industry.

Challenges were acknowledged and solutions provided so readers were were encouraged to get in touch or take action.

The Result

The article had an overwhelming positive response and was read by over seven times the amount of people that engaged with previous articles. Management from the top down was extremely happy with the result and the article became a talking point at a subsequent industry gathering.

The Bonus

Globe Group came on board as a client and I was engaged to write regular content for them moving forward.

There were also discussions about engaging ‘dalyashaw’ as a speaker for future upcoming events. 

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Client: Globe Group Labour Hire

Date: 2021