Hamilton Wilkes

The Brief

Hamilton Wilkes is a boutique real estate based in Brisbane, Queensland. They contacted me just after they launched their business and took ownership of their new website which had been built overseas.

There were several concerns with the site including partially or incomplete content on several pages, inaccurate information and overall issues with layout and functionality.

Different time zones, lack of communication and a language barrier was making it increasingly difficult to get these issues resolved. 

With numerous real estates all working within proximity, they were frustrated and felt their site and it’s content was sub-par.

They wanted a completed, professional looking and informative website. They also needed full functionality and content that would appeal to potential buyers, sellers and investors.

Having previously had a positive experience with me they asked if I could review the site and present areas for improvement and recommendations.

The Project

After reviewing my report, a briefing call was set up and I was subsequently engaged to complete and rewrite six pages of web content.

Each page was written speaking to visitors individually. Content was created in a conversational and appealing tone that was both informative and engaging to the audience

Their main points of difference were clearly highlighted including what they offered, and why clients should choose them over other agencies.

The most important information was featured on the first page of their website and visitors were encouraged to take action.

I then referred them to a local and trusted web developer. 

The Result

Hamilton Wilkes were extremely happy with their now professional and function website. They were impressed with the ongoing communication and appreciated the fast turnaround.

They engaged the referred web developer, and the back end and layout issues were resolved much to the client’s relief. 

This was a great project to work on and there was a sense of satisfaction gained in helping a new business get up and running, despite their initial challenges.

Regular conversations combined with my skills and knowledge, allowed me to create web pages that were clear and concise and relayed their desired messaging.

The Bonus

Hamilton Wilkes referred me on to two other clients and subsequent projects were also completed from there.

They have also acknowledged the importance of a regular blog and plan to engage me for this project and other future work.


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Client: Hamilton Wilkes

Date: 2020-2021