InstaClean Solutions

The Brief

Instaclean solutions is a commercial cleaning company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

As the Covid-19 pandemic began to take hold, there became an increase in demand for commercial cleaners. Instaclean wanted a review of their website content with a view to refreshing and updating where necessary.

They had a limited budget and needed to get the maximum value for their spend. The owners were concerned they didn’t stand out and felt the content was not particularly appealing to their audience. They also acknowledged there were several sections that were outdated and no longer relevant.

The goal was to ‘spring clean’ the site encouraging new visitors to experience working with them as well as instil confidence in their business in the market place. 

The Project

A briefing meeting was set up and the owners explained their concerns and shared with me the current state of the industry. 

A review of the site was conducted and a report generated listing areas for improvement along with some additional recommendations to be undertaken at a later date.

Instaclean subsequently engaged me to revise six pages of content incorporating keywords for better SEO.

Each section was organised into brief scannable chunks, so visitors knew what they offered at a glance.

The companies ‘5 principals’ were clearly highlighted allowing potential clients to easily see what set them apart from competitors.

Page titles with sub headings were included to invite and engage visitors on each page.

Keeping in mind time and budget was limited only sections and pages that were essential or of highest priority were rewritten.

Content was created to ensure each page flowed and there was a clear call to action in each section. Each section was refined and condensed, allowing their corporate message to remain clear but concise.

The ‘terms and conditions’ were condensed into simpler and easier to read language and moved to it’s own page.

The Result

An overall spring clean of the site was undertaken and delivered back to the client on time and within budget.

The client was very pleased with the revised content and agreed the headings made a big difference. They were impressed with the work put into the ‘5 Principals’ and felt this was much clearer and more enticing than before.

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Client: InstaClean Solutions

Date: 2020