The Delicate Balance of Vulnerability

The Delicate Balance of Vulnerability

I am the first to admit I want to add value to the world and in my professional life I put myself out there. I am also a very private person. It has taken a while for me to maintain a careful balance here and I’m still working on this today.

Fortunately, I know I am in control here and I get to choose what I share and in how much detail. I am also not too concerned by the nay-sayers and critics. You may have heard me share before, I’m not for everyone! and I’m totally comfortable and okay with that.

People make decisions, assumptions, and judgements, based on who they are not who I am.

There is a fine line between sharing enough to show authenticity and transparency and thinking you need to be 100% vulnerable, 100% of the time. And there are some things the world wide web just doesn’t need to know.

Myth: Vulnerability is a sign of weakness.
Fact: In fact, it is a sign of strength!

It usually comes from people who know how to really feel their emotions and express themselves fully. As a result, these people are more likely to build genuine and fulfilling relationships. They are trustworthy and more widely respected by those around them. I think on some level they are more secure and confident in themselves and not as concerned or adversely affected by what other people think of them.

Those who refuse to be vulnerable are often those that are left the most vulnerable. They don’t develop the skills to create meaningful connections or process their deepest emotions. This leaves them somewhat of an enigma with others not really knowing how to take them, who they are, or what they are about.

So, it all sounds simple enough, right? Mmmm not so much.

There has been a mask of false vulnerability largely encouraged by social media. It comes from the theory that the more vulnerable or open you are the more authentic you are. This is NOT the case.

It seems that there are a lot of people faking being vulnerable and sharing things that aren’t actually true or embellishing to make them sound more dramatic, or worse, for further self-gain and validation.

I find it very sad that people feel they need to leverage their personal life for brand awareness or leverage their personal ‘stuff’ for business deals. And I am continually blown away at how people manipulate the truth to create a version they are more comfortable with … and then they share that one with the world! The truth is left behind somewhere on the cutting floor.  

So, let’s assume that we are all being real now, then I would say this.

Buyer beware: Whatever you share with the world you give them permission to discuss. AND people will form an opinion of you based on what you share, even if it is an isolated article or post that they read.

If you share your great-looking abs, then expect people to talk about your body all the time and whisper when you put on weight. If you share intimate details about your personal relationships, expect people will talk about that and be quick to notice signs of relational stress or hint of distance.

And if you share real, valuable, uplifting, and empowering content then you can rest assured, at some point, people will also talk about that too 😊

So, what will you share this week?
And how will YOU impact the world around you?

Much Love
Dalya xx 💙

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