The Lesson I Learnt From My Smart Watch

The Lesson I Learnt From My Smart Watch

I wonder what the world will look like in 10, 20, 30 years time. It seems with each new advance in technology, we are given ways to make life a little easier (or lazier) and/or other ways that encourage us to become more active or hands on.

For example, who remembers phone numbers any more? I’m super impressed if you do! I told my partner some months ago that I would have to email him if I ever got into trouble and didn’t have my phone with me. Of course, that’s all changed now with Covid. I used to love the freedom of choice to leave my phone behind when I went out, but today you can’t ‘check in’ anywhere without it.

Remember the days when you had to remember everyone’s phone numbers?  Some of us had those tiny little books where we recorded all our numbers and addresses in. It feels like yesterday and yet so long ago.

I suppose the positive of technology helping us, is that we leave room in our brain for things that we feel are more important (than remembering phone numbers). Unlike space capacity on a device, I don’t think there is any risk of us using all that up!

So, in an attempt to keep myself moving with the times and moving physically, I purchased a new piece of technology – a smart watch.

The purchase was somewhat enjoyable, but then I came home and had to figure out how to use it. Who knew that such a small device could cause so much stress. I should clarify, my watch is probably one of the simplest on the market but OMG, the time I spent trying to navigate menu’s, download apps, log and record my details and choose what I wanted it to show me. Time I will never get back!

I should have been recording my stress levels and blood pressure (both are perfect btw) when I tried to figure out how to tell my watch I wanted to go for a walk AND I wanted it to record my steps, oh and could I have that in kilometres please not miles. I just about lost my mind!

I thought of Ben. He would have been giggling and rolling his eyes and I SO wished he was here. He was amazing with that sort of stuff and I know he would have just done it all for me and then given me a crash course.

Long before Spotify was even a thing, he came across an app that allowed you to ‘group songs’. After hijacking my phone for a few minutes he said here, ‘I’ve created you a play list of all the songs that I think you would like 😊’. I seriously thought he was some kind of young Einstein lol.

While sharing my traumatic story with one of Ben’s friends, he laughed saying, ‘you’re getting old Dalya!’ Hmpfh!! I doubt that!! I have just gotten very good at avoiding things I don’t like to do, even if I know they might be in my best interest. Ooooohh, and there in that moment was my lesson!

I wanted the assistance and the result I knew this smartwatch would give me, but I didn’t want to spend the time learning how to use it properly or programming it the way I wanted it to work. The whole thing just frustrated the crap out of me and I was not having fun at all.

I wanted the result but didn’t want to do the work. I grumbled away to myself and was reminded of something I read about change.

The question was posed as to whether people can change. Absolutely! We are always changing. We are not even the same person we were yesterday. If we didn’t have the capacity to change, then there would be no point in therapy, coaching or learning anything new.

The question is not whether we can change but whether we believe we can change.

And if we believe WE can change then that means that others can change too...

And so, I leave you with the following thoughts:

If you want to do something you have never done before, you have to do something you have never done before.

If you want to go somewhere you have never gone before, you have to go somewhere you have never gone before.

You cannot do something new by doing old things. If you want your life to change, you have to change your life. 

Much Love

Dalya xx 💙

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