Life’s Journey – The Spiritual, Physical And The Airport

Life’s Journey – The Spiritual, Physical And The Airport

I am sitting in an airport and my mind is thinking about a million different things but more than anything, what I have learnt (and continue to learn) about life and myself in the last 2 years. I am sure there will be future ‘collateral learning’ if you like, that will reveal answers to questions I am not even aware of today.

I think there are few better places than an airport to remember that life is a journey. A crazy, unpredictable, fantastic trip from one place to another. When we travel, we usually embark on a round trip from home to where we are going, then back home again. Over the last few years my belief has been the same of life. We are born, we live, and we then leave our physical form (also referred to as our death ?!) and return ‘home’ to where we came from.

I am fascinated at the number of different beliefs around this subject and am always intrigued to hear what people think happens. (Feel free to comment 😊) I have read a lot lately about past life regression, reincarnation, life after death, near death experiences etc. and I am amazed how many thousands of stories there are, from all over the world, that are too ‘coincidentally’ similar not carry some credence.

As I sit here, and think about my life, where I am, my journey so far and where I am going, I am clear on two of the three points, but the details of the third still eludes me. Maybe I won’t ever know until I have already been there? My mind drifts to Benny and to where he is now and I can’t help asking the question, ‘where are you now buddy and what’s it like there?’ I feel like it’s a bit of a stupid question and that I already know the answer, if I accept what I believe so far, but I can’t help asking him anyway.

The last trip I took through an airport with Ben was in 2016 to Israel and it was incredible! Several people shared words of caution and concern but neither Ben nor I were worried. We were going on an adventure together and we were excited! A part of me just knew that we were totally safe. As I wondered at the time what it would be like, I could never have known how much the trip would end up meaning down the track and how much it would strengthen our bond.

Have you ever felt like you are in a bubble, drifting through life, sometimes by default perhaps from one thing to another or one place to another? This was one of those experiences. I have felt this ‘bubble’ a lot since Ben went on to his next adventure. It’s hard to describe, but it’s just a deep knowing that regardless of how things might seem in any given moment, everything is going to be okay… and more than likely an adventure.

As I get older, I realise that life is both a spiritual journey and a physical one and the key is to find the balance between them both. To live comfortably in this physical society we have chosen to experience, but also to figure out who we really are and what our purpose is, is all part of the challenge.

I cannot remember having a specific religious or spiritual conversation as such with Ben, perhaps we did but it doesn’t immediately come to mind. This is pretty amusing now as I remember him asking me to write him a note to get out of the short and infrequent generic religious education class he had in school.

I think about the wise and ‘zen’ side of Ben that was evident from the day he was born and later turned out to be such a big part of who he was. It didn’t need a religious label. From just a few hours old he was described as an ‘old soul’ which at the time didn’t mean as much to us then as it means to me today. Perhaps I just have a better understanding and appreciation of the term.

Maybe the balance between physicality and spirituality is more important than we think in order to feel more frequently what we call ‘happy’. Maybe it’s less about finding what we think is the ‘right’ way and more about finding A way that works for us.

After all, many believe that despite the numerous roads possible, we are all ultimately going to the same ‘home’ destination.

Much Love Dalya xx💙

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